v 2.8.3 03.04.2022

-fix: loaded cue points were showing error message.
-fix: File Manager menu (key 'L'), selection of currently playing file was a bit off when file manager was resized.
-fix: when currently playing file was removed and playalist contain only one file, on movie playback end, program title showed erroneous message 0/1 instead 1/1.
-fix: next/previous button on controll bar, when currently playing movie was removed and playlist contain no more than one file, buttons were non functional.
-fix: undefined message on play/pause button when playing movie was removed from playlist while other movies were on list.

v 2.8.2 25.03.2022

-change: in setup menu (key 'Q') maximum movies to remember, changed to 500 from 200.
-add: setup menu (key 'Q'), option to ask what to do with newly dropped file(s).
-removed: setup menu (key 'Q'), option to add new video file(s) to current playlist, or start new playlist, only Drag 'n' Drop.
-add: support for 4 monitors.
-add: key '4' same as keys 1,2 and 3 but for 4th monitor.
-add: monitor detection based on player position, for fullscreen purposes.
-change: 'F1' and 'A' help menu, some wording in key description and update for new keys function, key 1, 2, 3 and 4.
-fix: mouse cursor not disappearing after opening files or saving files.
-fix: double mouse click on video did not respect last monitor fullscreen selection.

v 2.8.1 04.02.2022

-add: multimonitor support through keys 1,2 and 3, each key corresponding to monitor number, key '1' allways is set to primary monitor, manual config is required in 'setup.xml' file.
Last line of config file for each monitor looks like this, "width, height, position X, position Y", unused monitor should look like this "0,0,0,0".
Width and height are monitor resolution in pixels.
Position X and Y are absolute integers originating from primary monitor position which usualy is 0 for X and 0 for Y.
-change: File List Manager can be resized to desired width and height for better readability of files in the list.
-change: internal menus background opacity decreased from 50% to 25%.
-change: updated description of keys in about/help panel (key 'F1' or key 'A').
-change: CTRL+F removed, replaced with key 'F' for functionality with remotes which don't sport 'CTRL' key (Aquaero remote for example).
-change: loading setup priority enabled before any other action can occur.
-add: when key 'F2' is pressed, additional graphic is displayed in corners to indicate that selection and zoom is turned on.
-change: error screen buttons position swap.
-change: different wording for "Match file by name..." setting in setup menu.

v 2.8.0 30.05.2021

-add: error screen have additional button to clear error messages.
-fix: playlist file without valid files caused reset of currently queued files.
-fix: issue with some mp4 files, where max-keyframe interval was not calculated properly.
-add: particle number controll in setup menu, minimum 10, maximum 220.
-add: support for *.m3u, *.m3u8, *.asx, *.wpl, *.pls files, read only.
-add: support for *.mpcpl playlist files generated from MPC-HC and MPC-BE video players, read and write.
-fix: on playlists load, files now are properly parsed and concatenated, instead one replacing another.
-change: F7 and F8 keys are only enabled when file currently playing contains video stream.
-change: srt subtitle parser will not add duplicate subtitles into same line, instead, adjust display time.
-fix: missing glow effect on Dismiss button in error window.
-add: in setup menu (key 'Q'), ability to position subtitles on vertical plane.
-change: file info screen (key 'I'), faster appearance on screen.
-add: when key 'F2' is pressed, selection and zoom tool is enabled, to disable press 'F2'.
-add: RMB on volume button, toggles mute on/off state same as CTRL+M.
-fix: strobo effect on search textfield in File Manager menu (key 'L').
-change: all draggable windows have relative position implemented, setup menu (key 'Q') and 3D to 2D (key 'W') excluded.
-change: timer (key 'K') and clock (key 'T') fade in speedup.

v 2.7.9 06.12.2020

-change: in setup menu (key 'Q'), preview on progress bar description updated, to reflect changes.
-add: percentage markers on progress bar.
-fix: undefined string instead chapter names, when no chapter name was present in *.xml file.
-fix: 3D to 2D (key'W' menu), closing animation and canceling selection on exit.
-fix: removing playing file from playlist and performing other actions on list resulted in undefined program title to be set.
-change: all errors are now displayed in internal window.
-add: error window to catch errors and problems.
-change: progress bar thumb, does not lag playback while scrubbing.
-add: *.scx file format support (MK11 video).
-fix: controll thumb when preview was disabled, dragging had no effect.
-change: program exits fullscreen mode on file error.
-change: improved speed read/write of last played movies list, incompatible with previous versions.
-change: ass/ssa subtitle parser, to be more flexible, becouse it didn't work with certain non standard files.
-add: ripple/wave effect on controll thumb.
-change: 'F1' or 'A' keys, information about keyboard and mouse functionality is presented in more readable form.
-add: F7 key, toggle video colour inversion.
-add: F6 key, toggle subtitles colour inversion.

v 2.7.8 03.07.2020

-add: 'CTRL+D' or DRMB menu when dragged and open again stays in position relative to player window size.
-fix: 'CTRL+P' did not show *.vtt subtitles in dialog box.
-change: in setup menu (key 'Q') maximum movies to remember, changed to 200 from 100.
-add: button border glow on rollover in menus.
-fix: audio files retained preview of video file that was played before them.
-add: subtitle font scaling, when amount of text exceed window constraints.
-add: subtitle time shift ('CTRL+[' and 'CTRL+]') is saved for each played file separately (*.mp4 files only).
-change: opening video or subtitle files on RMB+LMB and LMB+RMB is disabled when any internal window is active.
-add: while dragging progress thumb/indicator, RMB to cancel.
-fix: active progress bar on program startup, default is disabled.
-change: some internal windows are bigger.
-change: preview on progress bar disabled for video over 2880 pixels wide, prevents crashing.
-add: animation switch in setup menu, to enable or disable animation in windows.
-change: visual change to some information windows with custom animations governed by random numbers.
-change: controll bar buttons, show additional file name on rollover.
-add: key 'K' display detailed time of movie currently playing.
-fix: cuePoints label position going out of bounds.
-add: enable or disable switch for drop shadow color in setup menu for subtitles.

v 2.7.7 28.03.2020

-add: support for *.vtt subtitles.
-fix: invoking 'CTRL+Enter' for fullscreen did not resize subtitles, same happend for key 'Escape' when exiting fullscreen.
-add: *.m4a extension when Ctrl+O is invoked.
-change: textField for searching font no longer holds last typed string, font list on open setup menu shows whole font list.
-change: merged ssa/ass subtitle into *.srt renderer.
-add: switch in setup menu (key 'Q'), to enable or disable subtitle shadow.
-fix: when any internal window was open keyboard was sometimes unassigned from opened window.
-change: when audio file was played and info screen was called there was no file name information attached.
-add: switch in setup menu (key 'Q'), to enable or disable match files by file name instead full path to resume playback from last position (recommended settting is off).
-add: static noise to preview window when preview frame is not acquired.
-change: volume LED display will be double size when upscale controlls switch is enabled in setup menu (key 'Q').
-fix: DRMB on volume LED's will not invoke general menu (key 'Ctrl+D').
-add: in setup menu (key 'Q'), switch that enable or disable of pressing LMB on empty screen after program launch to load last file played.
-change: in setup menu (key 'Q') maximum movies to remeber, changed to 100 from 500.
-change: chapter marker, display now chapter and total chapters instead only chapter.
-change: volume on screen, text color changed to white with darker background for readability.
-change: seek on ',' and '.' keys is 30 seconds by default, *.mp4 files only.
-fix: some url's couldn't be opened on user interaction.
-change: rendering information label, faster rendering and consistent outline, outline color will inherit subtitles color outline settings.
-change: error regarding writing to file, moved from internal window to information label.
-fix: spelling error on some internal pop-up windows.
-change: key '/' rendering time on screen is less costly on cpu.
-change: resizing screen with subtitles is much smoother.

v 2.7.6 30.11.2019

-change: FLV_Executer.exe got it's original icon back.
-add: searching font, if current font is in list on search, it will have additional text (in use) next to its name.
-fix: links to website in help screen (key 'A' or 'F1') and in special menu (key 'Ctrl+D' or DRMB) now working again.
-fix: changing subtitle font did not register change to the font list component on reopening setup menu (key 'Q').
-fix: key Enter and key Escape when in setup menu (key 'Q') while any color picker was open, now this keys function as intended.
-add: color picker in setup menu (key 'Q') for changing clock color.
-add: (key 'T) toggle clock on screen.
-fix: subtitle display renderer could cripple playback and response of FLV Player where there was a lot of text to render.
-add: cue points marker, display percentage additionally.
-change: internal compression, 150kb less to load.
-fix: pressing right arrow key when movie was paused could fail advancing forward.
-add: more details about media can be turned on and off in file info screen (key 'I'), this method is not persistant like in previous version.
-removed: "More details about media file" selection switch in setup menu (key 'Q').
-fix: chapter markers position when 'upscale controlls' was not enabled.
-change: moving mouse over progress bar does not cause stutter while playing movie.
-change: preview position when dragging thumb on progress bar.
-change: different message when xml chapter file failed to load and when it's not a valid chapter xml file, when failed either way, existing chapters are not removed.
-fix: xml based cuepoints names could display unparsed text.
-fix: first cuePoint could display wrong preview.
-fix: movie onLoad could start playing from different time than it was last played.

v 2.7.5 30.08.2019

-add: cue point markers show video preview now, and are placed on nearest key-frame.
-change: when dropping more than 2 files or folder(s) containing files, subtitles and chapters are filtered out, massive speed up in file(s) processing.
-add: "Black box around video area, enables play/pause and fullscreen" selection switch in setup menu (key 'Q'),when enabled whole stage enables you to toggle play/pause and fullscreen mode with DLMB, except controll bar.
-add: "More details about media file" selection switch in setup menu (key 'Q'), when enabled file info screen (key 'I') will display more details about played file.
-fix: input priority when time on screen (key '/') was enabled and DRMB menu was open at the same time.
-fix: time on screen (key '/') bug when mouse was outside and you could still change time with RMB.
-change: file names that include diacritics are properly working with "Remember video position" option enabled.
-change: how diacritics are handled in FLV_Executer.exe and FLV_Player.exe.
-change: file info screen (key 'I'), longer fade in animation to appear more smoothly.
-change: accuracy of cuePoints on controll bar.
-change: compiled new FLV_Executer.exe for better performance and to avoid Windows 10 Wait Chain Traversal (WCT).
-change: small changes how main player recives file path from FLV_Executer.exe.
-change: all buttons behaviour onDragOver.
-change: seek on ',' and '.' keys is tripled instead doubled, *.mp4 files only.
-change: when any internal window is open except volume and time, only keys available, are Escape and Enter, key Enter only available when selected in Setup Menu (key 'Q'),
CTRL + Enter (toggles fullscreen) is available all the time.
-change: *.txt, *.ttxt, *.ass/ssa subtitles have same treatment as *.srt subtitles for gibberish characters which are replaced with proper representation.
-fix: help screen did not have dark background as other windows.
-change: setup menu (key 'Q'), appear more smoothly when called.
-change: information window, about available updates, it's bigger and more readable.
-fix: mouse cursor stayed visible when subtitles were loaded and mouse was over the subtitles.
-add: controll thumb, show more details on rollOver.

v 2.7.4 31.05.2019

-add: FLV_Executer.exe will execute and pass only video files, chapters and subtitles are only loaded from main player.
-add: setup menu (key 'Q'), new option to add new video file(s) to current playlist, or start new playlist, only Drag 'n' Drop.
-add: Ctrl+O or DLMB on selected file(s) will allways clear playlist and load selected file(s) or playlist file (*.flx).
-change: matroska *.xml file containing chapters, different method of parsing is used, which is faster.
-change: *.xml file chapters are parsed correctly, some Adobe *.xml chapters were unreadable, due to unformatted structure of that file (i.e. chapters exported from AME CS6).
-change: keys 'C' and 'V' now works with externally loaded chapter files, accuracy is i-frames (keyframes) dependant, more keyframes more accuracy.
-change: time on screen (key '/') got bigger to accommodate for time greater than 10 hours.
-change: in setup menu (key 'Q') changed "Remember file position" to "Remember video position".
-fix: "show controll bar on mouse over" option in setup menu (key 'Q') in conjunction with key 'X' had some problems with bar and preview.
-change: *.srt subtitle files are loaded first if found instead of *.txt subtitle file.
-add: support for subtitles with *.sub file extension.
-add: more details about error in subtitle files.
-fix: subtitle error reporting, where only first error was reported instead of all errors.
-fix: *.srt subtitle parsing, where error was reported and it shouldn't be reported.
-add: multiple additional options in File Manager (key 'L').
-add: support for *.CUE type files, containing chapters.
-change: spacebar and media play/pause keys changed from onPress to onRelease.
-add: individual mp4 files on open will have assigned individual seeking when changed in setup menu, after reopening that file seeking values will be loaded.
-fix: track thumb on drag didn't inherit values about upscaled controlls, thus displaying preview in wrong position.

v 2.7.3 22.04.2019

-fix: leftovers from debug were present on some windows.
-fix: font problem in information windows.
-fix: controll bar was active on program startup where no file was loaded.
-fix: heavy use of mouse wheel could significantly slow down player when performing volume up or down.
-fix: missing errors notification screen.

v 2.7.2 10.03.2019

-fix: when save button was pressed in setup menu, in rare occasion subtitle text was disabled.
-fix: search font text, now displays last search term, on reopen settings menu.
-fix: subtitle renderer was rendering empty textbox when saving changes in setup menu, which could interfere with on screen functionality.
-removed: support for chinese/japanese characters in about and file info panels.
-fix: about and file info panels didn't display correct font.
-fix: disabled controll bar, in rare ocasions was still enabled.
-change: setup menu, rearanged menu components for better access.
-change: bigger cue points on controll bar.

v 2.7.1 21.12.2018

-change: setup menu got bigger for easier navigation ('q' key) and less laggy appearance.
-add: proper preview of changes, when changing subtitle colour and outline colour in setup menu.
-fix: information label for volume, properly multiply base volume times boost volume when it's enabled in main menu.
-fix: code cleanup, consolidation and optimization, shaved off 15 kilobytes of program footprint.
-fix: mouse cursor couldn't disappear when mouse was on timer and timer was turned off from main screen.
-fix: when volume bar was visible and mouse was invisible but under volume bar, volume bar couldn't be removed from stage.
-change: Mouse cursor timeout, in setup menu ('q' key) you can set timeout time.
-change: expanaded and extended ('F1' or 'A' key) help on screen.
-add: F8 key, toggle Black & White video.
-fix: *.srt subtitle when some text overlapped, displayed text was not separated properly.

v 2.7.0 30.09.2018

-add: dolby logo will pop-up when audio stream contains more than two channels.
-add: in setup menu ('q' key) you can setup timeout time for information that is displayed on-screen.
-fix: information label timeout inconsistency.
-fix: when info panel is open, refreshing information on resizing player could result in a massive cpu spike and slow downs.
-fix: counting mp4 offset data was not reset, when new file was played.
-add: volume boost multiplier, base volume can be boosted up to 10 times, this is session based setting.

v 2.6.9 05.06.2018

-add: font can have custom color, available in setup menu ('q' key).
-change: maximum font size selection changed, from 108 to 127.
-fix: cue point animation bug, where some cue points were shown before others.
-add: information label, intelligent positioning on screen.
-add: saved playlists on load will start playing movie that was playing when list was saved.
-removed: executing same movie file won't start from beginning, instead it will start from last recorded position.

v 2.6.8 18.03.2018

-add: keys Num7 scale down video, Num9 upscale video, only in fullscreen mode.
-add: support for german, finnish, swedish, danish, polish, spanish, brazillian, romanian and french native letters.
-fix: subtitle font preview, when selecting different font and closing menu with Escape key did not reset font to it's previous state.
-fix: when mouse wheel switch in setup menu was selected, forwarding video on mouse wheel scroll sometimes failed to advance.
-fix: information label placement when control bar is on top.
-add: in setup menu, now you can search for desired font.
-change: cue marker animation and positioning.
-change: movie list that are remembered, can be set manualy in setup menu, maximum 999 minimum 10.

v 2.6.7 14.10.2017

-add: subtitles time shift is reset to 0 when video starts.
-add: white line on trackbar is an indicator of video buffer.
-add: 'F9' key swaps left and right audio channels.
-change: ('onMouseWheel') onLeftMousePress volume bar is now draggable across the screen and stays in position relative to window size, onRightMouseClick sets volume while mouse is on volume bar.
-change: video buffer time increased from 2 to 10 seconds.
-add: onRightMouseClick on time display (Activated by key '/') to change time format.

v 2.6.6 16.07.2017

-add: RegularExpression that removes text in subtitles (*),{*},[*] it can be disabled in setup menu, useful for removing hearing loss subtitles from movie as for removing unsupported styles in ssa/ass subtitles.
-change: movie list that are remembered and their position increased from 500 to 2500.
-change: *.srt subtitles text handling.
-fix: window focus issue on file load.
-removed: automatic style display selection on subtitle load.
-add: key '/' display current time on screen.
-fix: subtitles outline is bigger and fixed rare occasion when renderer couldn't draw text in fullscreen.

v 2.6.5 05.03.2017

-fix: 3D to 2D (key'W' menu), scaling of movie was wrong.
-fix: on screen volume not fading out when mouse was in position of volume bar and hidden.
-fix: volume bar boundaries.
-change: on screen volume colors have been changed to match overall dark theme of the player.
-add: when playing 'mp4' files, seeking time on arrow keys will be set automatically to the highest keyframe interval, same will hapen to '<' and '>' keys but seek time is doubled.
-change: setup, info and about windows have been resized for better readability and future improvements.
-add: key 'F1' have same behaviour as key 'A', it will display help menu on screen.

v 2.6.4 08.12.2016

-add: cue points (chapter markers) are animated on show up.
-add: in setup menu ('q' key) you can upscale cotrolls, usefull when you have very high PPI monitor.
-add: F11 key display more detailed info about video.

v 2.6.3 01.10.2016

-fix: opening dialog box subtitles removed allready loaded subtitles, this won't happen anymore.
-add: media keys support, tested with Logitech G810 and Razer Lycosa, this feature might be unsupported on other devices that don't use standard media keys keyCodes.
-fix: volume could be set to negative values and above maximum 100% value.
-fix: subtitle outline and text vanishing in high resolution monitors, affected resolutions were above 2800px.

v 2.6.2 21.03.2016

-add: text to on screen volume display.

v 2.6.1 19.01.2016

-fix: updated some descriptions in player and in executables, and cleaned up code of file handling.

v 2.6.0 19.07.2015

-fix: Escape key closing control bar.
-add: Key 'W' opens 3D to 2D screen selection.

v 2.5.9 26.03.2015

-add: F11 display video framerate.
-fix: minor information bug about movie.
-fix: cuePoints display on trackbar, when restarting movie.

v 2.5.8 28.09.2014

-fix: reloading subtitles on drag 'n' drop.

v 2.5.7 09.08.2014

-fix: auto subtitles load and auto chapter load.

v 2.5.6 07.07.2014

-add: auto load chapter file from same folder as movie, if chapter file has same name as movie, supported files are *.xml and *.ogm,
xml type supported of two types, AME (Adobe Media Encoder) and xml extracted from *.mkv files.

v 2.5.5 19.03.2014

-add: Workaround for mp4 files that were recorded in Nvidia ShadowPlay or other files that have been previously showing incorrect time of movie.
-add: more detailed mp4 atom in info panel.

v 2.5.4 11.03.2014

-fix: Time of file position, where near end time was written instead 0, for restarting movie.

v 2.5.3 30.11.2013

-fix: error switching logging file position in menu, which didn't take effect immediately, also cue points didn't invoke logging and sometimes cuePoints didn't show up.

v 2.5.2 23.11.2013

-add: Remeber file position option in menu (key 'Q'), so when you stop watching and want to watch it later it will start where you left that movie.
-fix: 0.2 positive error variance of LED volume bar.
-add: volume bar stay visible on roll over, it's easier to controll volume with it.

v 2.5.1 27.01.2013

-fix: preview enabled from setup menu.
-fix: subtitle slash removal function didn't remove slashes on text with multiple text lines, now it does.
-fix: subtitles couldn't be loaded while File List Manager was open.

v 2.5.0 18.08.2012

-add: controll bar, onRollOver, preview frame of a movie that is played.
-fix: forwarding slash on subtitles, now is correctly removed.
-change: menus transitions, with more ease and smoothness.
-fix: issue with font, on some panels, where support for asian glyphs was enabled.
-fix: issue when F12 was pressed which toggles smoothing for video, and than defocusing and focusing player window toggles smoothing on and off without key being pressed.

v 2.4.9 19.05.2012

-fix: file list, search text background, it somehow disappeared few versions back.
-change: buttons, timeline and drag controller display time and percentage in label above, right-bottom time display is not affected it shows current time of video.
-add: asian glyphs support in labels and textfields (mainly katakana and kanji).
-fix: timeline cuepoint labels, if text was to long it wasn't fully displayed (going out of program window bounds and cut off), now positioning is correct to show full label text.
-fix: unnecessary creation of subtitle text area, when subtitles weren't present or loaded.
-fix: updating info panel when new file starts playing.

v 2.4.8 14.04.2012

-add: setup menu -> outline color picker -> input field, now accepts changes on ENTER key.
-fix: right ALT key was behaving like CTRL keys, now ALT is no longer behaving like CTRL Keys.
-warning: Flash Player is not working well, seeking at high speeds is not working, use lower version or try new one if it comes out.
From Adobe website::
This update resolves a memory corruption vulnerability in the NetStream class that could lead to code execution (CVE-2012-0773).
For users who cannot update to Flash Player, or experience issues with video, Adobe has developed a patched version of Flash Player 10.3, Flash Player, which can be downloaded here.

http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html 67.3 MB (include debbuging version)





-change: minor changes in on screen windows.
-change: microDVD subtitle class improvement, in transforming subtitle files for display.
-fix: in subtitle files when "/" was encountered it was removed, now is displayed again.
-add: LMB+RMB and RMB+LMB that opens subtitle/video files (turn on or off this function in setup menu, key 'Q').

v 2.4.7 17.03.2012

-change: in File manager window ('L' key), when dropping files with 'Ctrl', subtitle files are excluded, major speed up for creating playlists.
-add: on screen volume bar is clickable, which allows to set desired volume.
-fix: rewinding and forwarding movie on key press, and infolabel time display.
-fix: issue with 'controll bar on top' switch in setup menu, when changes were not applied instantaneously.
-fix: incorrect information when changing subtitle time behaviour.
-add: cuePoints on rollOver now display cuePoint number with rest of data.

v 2.4.6 09.02.2012

-fix: updater pointing to non existing file.
-add: hide progress bar when jumping into fullscreen mode.
-fix: key 'Enter' didn't close windows even when it was selected in setup menu.
-change: color modyfication for on screen volume bar.
-add: autoload subtitles (subtitles must have exact same name as video file) and switch to turn off this function in setup menu (Q key).
-fix: ssa/ass subtitle code, when empty style could break text, and multiple exact same word were add to the text creating large multiline.

v 2.4.5 29.01.2012

-add: *.ttxt subtitle format (3GPP Streaming format or known as MPEG-4 Streaming Text), basic style support (no karaoke, no hilight and no url will be supported).
-add: mpl1 format depreciated in favor of mpl2 subtitle format.
-add: shadow for subtitles.
-add: suppress subtitle errors switch in setup menu.
-change: subtitle errors now are displayed inside player, not in modal window.
-change: time display onMouse Events behavior.
-add: auto style setup, when srt/txt subtitles are loaded the outline for subtitles is set to true, when ssa/ass subtitles are loaded, styles included in this file are taking the effect (this can be overrided in setup menu).
-change: subtitles are again active, so interacting with them pause/unpause movie as well as can make program full screen after pressing DLMB.
-fix: error in 'About/Help' section, with 'undefined' and not updating properties.
-change: on screen volume bar.
-fix: subtitle outline color picker, when rolling over colors didn't display it's hex value, and input text didn't work properly.

v 2.4.4 02.12.2011

-change: double right mouse click will be reffered now as DRMB, double left mouse click will be reffered as DLMB
-change: subtitles are no longer interactive, which means clicking them don't pause/unpause movie.
-fix: while controll bar was disabled and interactive bar option was set, volume control was broken on controll bar.
-fix: issue when clicking very top of controll bar paused and unpaused movie, and was rendering volume controll unusable.
-add: dragging to the special menu (Ctrl+D or DRMB).
-change: info label display of new file has changed.
-change: file list manager, cosmetic visual changes.
-change: all menus have dropshadow applied.
-change: on screen volume bar color change and add drop shadow.
-add: subtitle time controll, ctrl+] speeds up showing subtitles by 0.2 second (when subtitles shows after spoken words), and ctrl+[ slows down subtitles by 0.2 second (when subtitles show faster than actual dialog in movie).

v 2.4.3 01.11.2011

-add: visual representation of volume on screen.
-fix: redundant code removed and response timing upgrade.
-fix: drop multiple files on shortcut, no error message now, files are properly parsed.
-fix: next cue on keyPress "V", sometimes next cue couldn't jump further when it was right on cue point.
-fix: logic in sizing player when file didn't have video, only audio (disables keys Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+3 and Ctrl+H).
-add: support for *.m4a files.

v 2.4.2 01.10.2011

-fix: when player size is to small and option "show controll bar on mouse over" is selected, the controll bar was active.
-fix: when key "I" was pressed down when no movie was loaded, the info panel was displayed.
-fix: graphical artifact(s) in info label and in cue points name label, occuring when lowercase letters like 'q,g,p,j,y' were present in the cue name string.

v 2.4.1 24.09.2011

-add: cue points names are displayed directly above cue points marker instead in info label.
-fix: info label positioning while jumping to fullscrren.
-add: F12 key turns on and off smoothing for video which by default is turned on.
-add: ctrl+Enter behaves like ctrl+F, toggles fullscreen state.
-fix: problem with file list menu, when some keys locked accessibility of DataGrid in that menu.
-fix: for windows 7 and Vista, when different desktop compositions have different border dimensions for opened programs, now FLV Player resize its self to correct dimensions.
-add: open folder of selected file in file list menu.
-add: in window title now there is a number of a file playing and how many files plus name of a file currently playing.
-add: subtitles in microDVD with starting "[start_time_code][end_time_code]" format are now supported.
-fix: add files with "ctrl" key pressed and drag 'n' drop of subtitle files wich cleared playlist.
-fix: simultaneous drag'n' drop of movie and subtitles, now subtitles are displayed correctly.

v 2.4.0 05.08.2011

-add: in About (key 'A') window, information about PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) and Flash Player version.
-add: when drag and drop files on player with 'Ctrl' key, files are added to the playlist, without 'Ctrl' key playlist is replaced.
-change: keys like O,P,F,H,1,2,3,R,T,S,M now works with Ctrl key only, now works even when info window is open and also Ctrl+D opens special menu selection.
-removed: spacebar key no longer closes info windows.
-add: in FileList menu ('L' key) search textfield for searching file in added files, wildcard '*' indicates additional search.
-change: cleanup of setup file, which is more readable.
-add: in setup menu ('Q' key) checkbox for key 'Enter', if selected, hitting 'Enter' key will close info windows.
-add: interactive bar option in setup menu, which show controll bar when mouse is over it, while it was disabled.
-add: improved logic for management files in ('L' key) FileList menu.
-fix: infoLabel position error when controll bar was displayed on top.
-fix: false error message when setup file was missing.

v 2.3.9 02.07.2011

-fix: tweening animation on menus and controll bar, when pressing any closing key multiple times produced animation slowdown and stuttering.
-add: 'R' key toggle between 50 % and 100% alpha for whole player, implemented for quick look what's going on, on desktop.
-add: in setup menu, select box that inverts mouseWheel behavior, while default (deselected) controlls volume and mouseWheel+rightMouseButton controlls time, the bahavior is swapped.
-change: double click with right mouse button opens new 'selection menu' instead of setup menu, and if any menu is opened, it can be closed after right double click.
-change: in information panel when key 'I' is pressed.
-change: in resize behavior upon pressing keys 1,2,3 and H.
-add: something to about panel info ('A' key).
-fix: video scaling, sometimes next video was scaled incorrectly due to inheriting previous movie scale value.
-fix: DataGrid list graphical glitch in 'L' menu.
-change: cuePoints display is dependant of controll bar position, when controll bar is on bottom cuePoints are displayed above progress track,
when controll bar is on top, cuePoints are displayed under progress track.
-fix: error when font preview was set as default.
-change: update behavior, no more modal window, now messages are displayed inside player.

v 2.3.8 17.05.2011

-change: outline for subtitles slightly increased for better visibility (only for subtitles displayed without ASS/SSA styles).
-add: font face selection for subtitles in setup menu, new font is only supported with styles turned off for ASS/SSA subtitles,
since ASS/SSA use own font face in styles.
-fix: problem with hiding progress bar on start of every new file.
-fix: error writing undefined file.
-fix: bug in time calculation, it could return NEGATIVE_INFINITY instead of a number.
-add: progress bar can be set to be displayed at bottom or on top, changes are made in setup menu (access key 'Q').
-change: speed up of a player.
-change: small tweak in colors.

v 2.3.7 29.04.2011

-fix: issue with selecting position and row in DataGrid when 'L' key was pressed.
-fix: issue with info panels after pressing 'I','A','Q','L' keys, panels returned incorrect height and width, which cause incorrect centering on screen of those panels.
-add: colorPicker for subtitles outline color.
-removed: subtitles background and replaced with outline option.
-change: significant update to the efficiency of a player when displaying SSA/ASS subtitles with complex styles.

v 2.3.6 17.04.2011

-change: improved SSA/ASS subtitle style recognition and display method.
-fix: ASS/SSA subtitle class text display method.
-add: support for outline in ASS/SSA subtitle files.
-change: background for subtitles works only for subtitles when styles are turned off.

v 2.3.5 13.04.2011

-add: in setup menu there is an option to disable/enable background on subtitles.
-add: in setup menu there is an option to disable/enable styles on ssa/ass files.
-updated: "info" section.
-add: double Right Mouse Button press, opens setup menu.
-fix: cuePoints, when new movie was loaded with cuePoints after movie that have cuePoints, sometimes only first cuePoint was visible in the new movie.
-change: upgraded subtitles class for better text handling.
-fix: *.ass/*.ssa subtitle class text display method, when line has text+style+text, the class was rejecting first part of text, displaying text after style.
-add: partial style recognition in *.ass/*.ssa subtitle files.

v 2.3.4 08.03.2011

-fix: doubleMousePress on video area, when movie was not loaded you could set it to fullscreen and toggle pause state, now is turned off.
-add: scroll for setup menu, with future releases there might be more options.
-add: key 'P' clears and removes subtitles before opening.
-change: minor upgrades in classes for speedup.
-add: subtitle files onDragAndDrop Event, you can drag and drop subtitles on the player.
-fix: error in *.ass subtitle class, "\N" was not converted to new line.
-add: graphical features for progress and volume bar.
-add: when progress bar is inactive and when rewind/forward is triggered the infoLabel display time of current movie.
-add: information boxes are draggable (exclamation sign onPress drags whole box).
-add: video display area onClick pause/unpause movie.
-fix: volume bar graphical glitch.
-fix: correct detecion of "onMovieEnd", some movies didn't trigger this function.
-fix: opening movies, when movie was launched from doubleClick and player was turned off.

v 2.3.3 27.01.2011

-change: opening files when double click on file, now when system is busy the file open rate is 100%, not like in previous versions around 60%.

v 2.3.2 16.01.2011

-add: support for *.txt subtitles that uses time code to match subtitles.

v 2.3.1 03.01.2011

-fix: when multiple clicks was done on timeline bar, the movie didn't jump to desired position in time after mouse was moved to another position.
-change: small speed up of a program.
-fix: error when subtitles was present and new movie was played/add, the subtitles stays on screen.

v 2.3.0 23.12.2010

-change: subtitles are no longer opened automatically when the movie start.
-add: key 'P' opens subtitle files (*.txt, *.ssa, *.ass, *.srt).
-add: support for *.ass / *.ssa subtitles.
-add: support for *.srt subtitles.

v 2.2.9 11.12.2010

-add: in 'Q' menu add font size selector for subtitles.
-add: support for microDVD *.txt subtitle files, subtitle files are loaded automatically when the file has exact this same name as movie and is in this same folder.

v 2.2.8 19.11.2010

-fix: when forwarding at the end of movie, there was fast starting of another clips in array whithout stop.
-fix: if above didn't happen than the next movie sometimes loose progress bar.
-change: keys resizing player, keys '1','2','3','F','H',when no file was playing.

v 2.2.7 14.11.2010

-add: saving file list (*.flx).
-change: better management of files in list in 'L' menu.
-change: new icons for video files and for *.flx files.
-add: glow for cue points on rollOver.
-add: you can save file list to file by pressing 'S' key or from 'L' menu.

v 2.2.6 08.11.2010

-fix: bug with cue points.
-change: in file list menu, you can setup files in list as you want by dragging elements.
-change: visual tweaks for buttons (in on screen information fields).
-change: better dissapearing of progress bar (alpha elements tweak).
-change: more detailed information under 'i' menu about files metadata, all metadata [object] value is displayed, so no more [object, object] info.
-add: cue points are accessible from 'i' menu, so you can navigate to those cue points.
-change: better detection of video width and height (more cpu consuming, but shouldn't make problems), so next file in list won't inherit width and height of previous movie.

v 2.2.5 15.10.2010

-add: in this version we introduce the autoupdate system (which can be enabled/disabled under setup menu).
-change: better time accuracy on progress bar and while thumb dragging, wider player window higher accuracy.
-change: smoother movement of thumb.
-add: key 'Q' opens setup menu.
-add: You can set key 'Escape' to close FLV Player in setup menu.
-add: many settings in setup menu to play with (few more will be implemented).
-change: behavior of control bar, now it stays on bottom of the window and on full width of window.
-change: cue points anchors have been resized.
-change: cue points anchors have more accurate time in navigation.
-add: new info label in top-left corner, displaying cue points name and time and volume.
-change: list font changed to player font.
-change: list behavior improved.
-change: movie display region behavior has been changed, no longer single mouse click pause/play movie, now double mouse click will toggle fullscreen mode.
-fix: bug that caused progress bar to be active after window resizing.
-add: FLV Player has its own website under http://flv.liquid.pl where you can find latest updates and information.

v 2.2.0 11.09.2010

-add: this version introduces cue points
-add: key 'C' previous cue point.
-add: key 'V' next cue point.

v 2.1.1 08.09.2010

-minor bug fixes, when volume sometimes was set to 100% (in previous version this bug still exist, not in this).
-add: 'L' key which display files in queue, from which we can choose.
-installer has more functionality, to register file types to the player.
-few more upgrades comming soon, like saving file list, managing files in queue, check for updates.

v 2.1.0 04.09.2010

-add: 'X' key to hide/show progress bar. Progress bar is displayed over video not underneath.
-fix: movies are properly displayed in whole monitor area.
-change: minor bug fixes, when volume sometimes was set to 100%.
-fix: bug that prevent correct resizing of a new movie when width or height was higher than previous movie (this bug may be present on slower machines < 1 GHz).
-Key SPACE and ENTER can be used to close information window (invoked with 'A' or 'I' keys)
-fix: bug that showed yellow rectangle when 'tab' key was pressed during information window was present.
-fix: bug that resized incorrectly movie upon pressing '1','2','3' and 'H' key
-Please use Flash Player 9 for IE (windows Active X Plugin) to enable playback of F4V (and all other types that comes with CS4 and CS5) file types.
-Couldn't repair bug existing in Flash Player 10 and higher that prevents launching files on double click.
(New Flash Player breaks localconnection for AS 1.0 and 2.0, this was reported to Adobe, but it's still not fixed).

v 2.0.8 29.06.2010

-add: 'M' key, mute/unmute.
-fix: movie forwarding bug, which cause dissapearance of a trackbar.
-add: support for *.mp4a and *.mp4b files (depends on codecs used).
-fix: in "About" section.
-fix: bug under "Windows 7" and "Vista" which cause to treat recognized file as unrecognized.

v 2.0.0 10.05.2010

-add: new player skin and functionality.
-removed: 'X' and 'C' keys, since controller stays under whole movie not on top of it.
-by default mouseWheel rewinds/forwards movie in time.
-add: rightMouseButton with mouseWheel for volume controll.
-improved: window behavior and overall speed of the player.
-pressing 'A' or 'I' key, no longer display new window, it display information inside player.
-single video is repeating continuously when end of clip is reached.
-with multiple files in playlist, when one movie is finished another is played automaticly.
-window stays in size which you made it on restart, videos are fit to window.
-playing new movie no longer resize whole player to size of the movie.
-while in fullscreen, new movie don't exit fullscreen mode, it resize it self to fit into the window.
-add: support for old movie files (*.flv) made in Flash MX or other software which doesn't have metaData.
-progress bar disappear when movie length can not be determinated.
-add: arrow keys right and left rewind/forward movie in time by 3 seconds.
-add: key '1' sets window size to the movie original size.
-add: key '2' sets window size to the 2x movie original size.
-add: key '3' sets window size to the 3x movie original size.
-add: key 'H' sets window size to the half movie original size.

v 1.5.1 14.07.2009

-fix: exiting fullscreen and resized window bug in multiple files in list.

v 1.5 03.07.2009

-add: smoothing to the movie while fullscreen.

v 1.4.8 29.05.2009

-add: key 'B' plays previous file from multiple dropped files.
-add: key 'N' plays next file from multiple dropped files.
-add: support for *.mp4, *.mov, *.m4v, *.f4v, *.f4p, *.f4a, *.f4b files to be played.
(note: not all mov files can be played, and others too might not be displayed, it depends on codec used and Flash Player installed).
-improved: detecting video dimensions, when there is no metadata about it.

v 1.4.6 27.03.2009

-when movie stops at the end, we can start playing from the begininng by pressing 'spacebar'.

v 1.4.5 04.03.2008

-add: GNU GPL License to this program.

v 1.4.4 02.03.2008

-add: 'X' for on/off controlls.
-add: display of time above hour in time display label.

v 1.4.2 11.07.2007

-improved: rewinding FLV, some FLV's didn't respond correctly on this event, now its fixed.
-add: key '<' for ten seconds rewind , and add key '>' for ten seconds forward.

v 1.4.1 05.07.2007

-add: arrow keys to controll movie behavior, and volume of the playing file.

v 1.4.0 04.07.2007

-improved: FLV onMetaData checking, that if FLV hasVideo is false or FLV has no video
only audio, player will be opened in default size (still in progress, becouse as many flv as many possibilities).

v 1.3.4 01.07.2007

-add: 'A' key for additional information about this player and controlls.
-improved: functionality.
-improved: installer functionality.

v 1.3.3 27.06.2007

-add: 'C' key, it will disable/enable timer on screen.

v 1.3.2 22.06.2007

-updated: fullscreen event, it will be executed faster and smoother.
-add: 'Escape' key while in fullscreen mode, it will set window to its previous size.

v 1.3.1 01.06.2007

-add: saving position of the player, so when you open it again it will appear in last position when You have closed it.

v 1.3 31.05.2007

-add: 'i' key for info about FLV file if there is any metaData.
-improved: file openning, when computer is busy with something else.

v 1.2 26.05.2007

-add: Mouse.hide(); when mouse is not used on player , 1.5 sec delay.
-improved: files openning.
-add: spacebar key now is included to stop and play movie.

v 1.1 10.05.2007

-fix: bug that could interfere with Liquid Player.
-removed: fullscreen button on border and improved 'F' button (fullscreen).

v 1.0 03.05.2007

-initial release.